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Jrock Leftovers

It's what's for dinner

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~*~*Jrock Leftovers*~*~

yum yum yum

When you upload files to YouSendIt.com for a friend, post them here as well instead of just letting the link go to waste with only one download!

1. Don't post unless you're posting a link to a jrock-related file.
2. No request posts! This community is just for leftovers! Head over to jcrack or jrock_pvz if you're looking for a specific mp3 or PV. If you must request files, PLEASE put the requests behind an lj-cut. If you fail to do this, you will be warned, and then banned as appropriate. Please be aware of, and understand this rule.
3. Comment when you download.
4. Be nice. ^^
5. Do NOT screen or delete comments. This is a community, and all comments should be allowed to be seen by all members. Comment-related housecleaning, including screening and deleting, is the responsibility of the moderating staff. If there are problems with comments, please contact one of the moderators to handle the problem if it is not noticed by one of them in a reasonable amount of time; we often cannot be watching the community 24 hours a day. kikuko_kamimura can be contacted about such issues through AOL Instant Messenger (SN: MerveillesKami) if a quicker response is necessary, but please do use discretion.

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